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Their Secret Snowbound Christmas

Their Secret Snowbound Christmas


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To Do List:

1) Show my lying, cheating ex-husband, my family, and everyone else that I have a plan. I know what I'm doing—even if I'm winging it!

2) Flirt with hot ski instructors!

3) Win the Cake-Off Competition!!!

Morgan Ashley finally has a chance to prove herself. She's survived multiple elimination rounds, and she's one of five finalists ready to strut her cake-baking stuff at the Holly Wood Resort & Spa as part of the Cake-Off Competition. She's worked hard, perfected her cake designs, and reluctantly kissed her kids good-bye since they're spending Christmas with their father and his bimbo. She doesn't look forward to spending Christmas alone, but at least she has the competition to distract her. That is, if she can make it up the mountain before the oncoming snowstorm so she isn't disqualified as a no-show.

Stranded mid-way to the resort, she's rescued by a handsome stranger/resort ski instructor who helps her rediscover her joy of the holidays while inside their personal "snow globe." When the storm blows over, Morgan faces her white-smocked competitors wearing her kitchen apron and a sated smile. That is... until her snow globe euphoria cracks and she's fighting to keep her spot in the competition.

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