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That Southern Summer Night

That Southern Summer Night


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Twelve years is a lifetime when it comes to age and love.

And if the man is your father’s best friend... Well, let’s just say unrequited feelings tend to be awkward. But Laney knows what she wants. Who she wants., and she’s a firm believer that sometimes a girl just has to go for broke and take a chance....

Rand Mitchell has done everything he can to avoid Laney Wyatt due to his awareness of her and, in a small town, that’s not easy, especially when his 911 call results in Laney appearing as his EMT. But it’s then, with her blushes and smiles and follow-up visits, that he wonders if maybe he’s not the only one fighting his feelings?

Tragedy strikes Laney and her family, and Rand steps up to help Laney. But with their age difference, her father, and small town gossip stacked against them—can what they feel really be love?

Some people say it’s hard to tell between love or lust. But

sometimes... it’s not hard to tell at all.
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