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Christmas At Holly Wood

Christmas At Holly Wood


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Morgan has had it. She’s been cheated on, lied to, and disrespected in the extreme. Now it’s time for her to show her family and friends just what she’s made of—or rather what her cakes are made of. Winning the Cake-off Competition is her chance to be completely independent and provide for her children. Nothing is going to stop her. Except, perhaps, the blizzard stalling her trip to the mountain resort where the competition is being held.

Knox is cynical when it comes to love. As a former hockey player, he has the bank account and the notoriety that draw the kind of women who see dollar signs instead of lifelong commitment. Finding the stranded stranger tugs at his heartstrings but when he takes her in from the cold, he realizes she’s just as hungry for fame as everyone else.

Can two lonely people let go of their pasts? Or will Morgan’s life finally fall into place— only to fall apart yet again?

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