To Protect Her

  • Series: Stone River, Book Three
  • Release Date: July 20, 2015
  • ASIN: B00Y3NMZE4
  • Genre: Wholesome Contemporary Romance
  • Available Formats: eBook

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Buddies know the unwritten rule: hands off your friends’ sisters.

Bethany literally carries the result of her last relationship, and she blames pregnancy hormones for the absurd feelings she experiences for the man adding yet another complication to her insanely complicated life. It’s her fault her brother’s disappeared, she has yet to tell her parents they’re about to be grandparents, and she has to prepare for the birth. Fall for Duncan MacGregor? Now? Yeah, right. She gave in to temptation once and look at the consequences. Meeting her brother’s best friend at this late date has to be a punishment…

Buddies know the unwritten rule: hands off your friends’ sisters. That’s why Duncan MacGregor is reluctant to team up with his best friend’s sister to search for her missing brother, but Bethany Redd’s determination to go it alone doesn’t leave him much choice. A Security Specialist, Duncan’s worked with plenty of beautiful women, so hands off should be easy. Especially under the circumstances…

Bethany and Duncan battle their emotions and growing feelings as Bethany becomes the latest target for danger, leaving Duncan desperate to protect her and her unborn child while searching for answers. Maybe Duncan came into her life to keep her safe but, in the end, will their paths to redemption tear them apart?

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