Need help formatting your manuscript for digital distribution? We can help! We provide the services you need to take your book to the public from formatting all the way to upload!

Cover Design

We don’t offer individual cover design but KEEP WATCHING here for simple, pre-made covers you can purchase.

One Last Read

Looking for a beta reader? A fresh pair of eyes? Someone to take one last look at your story to find plot holes, consistency errors, or typos? We can help you with our One Last Read service.

Traditionally published with one of the top five New York publishing companies before going indie, Kay has sixteen years’ experience in the romance publishing world. With numerous award wins and nominations to her credit, Kay is also a national bestselling author.

Kay will give you a LIGHT READ (up to a two-page suggestion summary) or a HEAVY READ (track change remarks on the line/pages they appear as well as a summary).

Note: this is not a line edit

Contact Kay and let her help with this final step toward publication.

Book Formatting

We use Vellum to guarantee proper formatting of your digital and/or print project and we offer several design options for you choose from. Click here to see each of them!

  • Print: Formatted to match your digital file’s style cues, there are minor options, such as page header (title and/or author name variations) and page number positions. Print formats will be delivered in PDF.
  • Digital: We offer two modes for digital formatting: Standard or Custom.
    • Standard Formatting provides you with a .mobi file for Amazon and a standard ePub file suitable for most other vendors.
    • Custom Formatting will give you specific files for vendors with embedded live links to your other books on those vendors’ platforms, enabling readers to buy your other books right from their devices. Covers (you provide) will be sized to each vendor’s specifications as well and included in your package.

Project Turnaround Times

We accept projects with a specific start date so as to ensure your project is completed on-time.

  • eBook formatting generally takes between 5 to 7 business days from the scheduling date, barring any delay of the necessary files from the client.
  • Print layout turnaround time is between 10 to 15 business days.