Secret Santa 2: A Christmas To Remember

  • Release Date: Coming Soon
  • Available Formats: eBook

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Kelsey Richards, the daughter of billionaire JT Wallingford, has experienced the best and worst of people. This has led to her love of books and turned the security found between the pages into a career. Her favorite childhood story remains unwritten, however, and is one her grandfather tells about Santa’s secret city beneath New York City…

When JT is photographed roaming the dangerous streets dressed as one of the homeless, Kelsey’s fears about him being targeted are quickly confirmed. With the world watching, Kelsey vows to protect JT, even if it’s from himself.

After Devon Sage wakes up in a NYC hospital without his memory, he’s intrigued by Kelsey, who promises to care for him because he’d come to her beloved grandfather’s rescue. Devon finds himself drawn to her, even though his gut tells him to be wary.

Kelsey isn’t sure what to believe. Or who. Is Devon the wonderful person JT claims—or a con artist taking advantage of a rich, old man?

Folklore makes for a great story, but isn’t every story based on a wee bit of truth?