Owen’s Return

  • Publisher: Kindred Spirits Publishing
  • Series: Stone Gap Mountain, #5
  • Release Date: November 30, 2013
  • ASIN: B00H0OL1J8
  • Genre: Contemporary
  • Available Formats: eBook

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NOTE: This book was written for the secular romance genre and intended for mature readers. It contains love scenes and mild swearing.

Natasha Carter dreads the holidays. She isn’t fit company for anyone, especially since the man she loves is missing and her best friends have all fallen in love. Owen Redd’s return is a Christmas miracle. But his disappearance negatively impacts his relationship with Tasha. How can she love a security specialist who puts himself in the line of fire? A man who may or may not come home at the end of the day? Now that he’s back, can Owen convince Tasha to give him another chance or will her fear separate them forever?

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