Number 2

December 15, 2008

Wow. We’re down to #2 already! :xmasprs:

My #2 choice of my TWELVE FAVES OF CHRISTMAS is books! I can’t imagine a life without books. I LOVE books. Where else can you escape into other worlds without leaving your chair or the bus? The economy is down, we’ve all heard and felt the impact of it, but if you’re not purchasing your favorite books, well, they won’t be around to purchase later. Publishing is a business based on numbers and if an author doesn’t have those numbers, well, the publishing company has a tendency to cut the author loose. Buy your favorite authors, buy your kid’s favorite authors, buy your BFF’s favorite books. What better gift can you give?

The same goes for music. CDs are great gifts. :holiday:

As to my dh’s #2 gift? A mobile phone car charger. The phones always come with a home charger but if you or a loved one doesn’t have a car charger, this is the way to go. Another suggestion is for a bluetooth headset so that the person can listen to their music wirelessly. (Make sure the phone is bluetooth!)

Prices range so check around.

Tomorrow brings my # 1 fave!!! What do you think it’ll be?

Kay :bookluv:

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7 thoughts on “Number 2

  1. Books are also high on my list. I really don’t have an idea what would be your #1 choice would be, being as books are #2.

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