March 5, 2014

I’m on a mission this year to dejunk and declutter our house. As in–drastic decluttering. Why? Because after 23 years of marriage we’ve managed to accumulate more than we need/use and it’s time to simplify.

On a positive note, all of the snow days has given us some time to get the process started. We recently combed through the contents of our attic and I took a day to sort and organize. It felt amazing! Now, to get rid of the stuff we want to get rid of. LOL For the moment, because once again we were hit by a massive snow storm and our driveway could double as an ice skating rink, the mess is piled by the back door, but it will be going to the Salvation Army as soon as I’m able to take it there.

In the meantime I hope to go through closets and drawers and gather up more to donate. It feels good to see things getting “lighter” and to have less mess to deal with.

What is your “mission” for the next couple months? Anyone doing any pre-Spring cleaning?


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