Cupid To The Rescue

  • Release Date: January 5, 2021
  • Genre: Contemporary Romance Anthology
  • Available Formats: eBook

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Humans may think they have their acts together? So not! Sometimes they need to be rescued by big-hearted four-legged friends.

Come join eight modern masters of romance as they celebrate Valentine’s Day with brand-new tales of tail-wagging joy.

THE MATCHMAKER’S SECRET by Kay Lyons, Award-Winning Romance Author

Naming her childhood friend as her perfect match might be professional matchmaker Marsali Jones’ career-ending move. Oliver Beck is now a Hollywood A-list actor, and Marsali is at a loss as to how to repair the damage revealing her secret crush has caused without ruining her career. But that’s the least of her worries when Oliver appears at her door….

Oliver Beck has wanted Marsali from the moment he met her via her brother, but she’s always been off-limits because of his friendship and respect for her family. Being named her “perfect match” puts a whole other spin on things, however. She needs him, and he’s willing to play along—for a price.

Marsali is blown away by Oliver’s suggestion that they actually date and she can’t refuse him. But as her blunder brings them closer, his super hot movie star lifestyle clashes with her “good girl dating” brand and they find themselves at odds with the world watching.

Could it be that her perfect match isn’t so perfect after all?

CHASING CUPID by Lisa Mondello, New York Times bestselling author
Montana (Tana) Reeves is about to lose her apartment now that her ex-boyfriend left her with the rescue dog that he’d used to sweet-talk her into their relationship. It wasn’t her fault that the sweet Great Dane pulled off the leash and tried to rescue sexy veterinarian Jett Billings from the complex swimming pool. Despite the fact that Jett was understanding, there were a lot of witnesses and she’s about to get booted. Jett insists she either trains the dog (Cupid) or gives him back to the shelter.

The solution seems obvious, but Tana can’t do it. She needs her posse, her Goddess Circle of friends from college to help. When they’d gone their separate ways after college nearly twenty years before, they’d promised to be the glue that would keep their lives together. She needed them now because losing her apartment over a dog that wasn’t even technically hers was bad enough. But Jett’s gentle way and sexy smile melts her heart just as much as the dog does, and Tana quickly realizes that as she was chasing Cupid, she fell in love with both of them. But will Jett fall under the same spell?

TEACHER’S PET by Kathryn Shay, New York Times Bestselling Author

When Maggie Marino comes to Stepping Stones Special Needs School for a job interview, Noah Carson has no idea she and her glossy-coated Golden Retriever, Rosie, will change his life.

Maggie has had a difficult past, but she’s overcome it with the help her family. She’s a kind-hearted, caring person, but also has a backbone of steel now. Partly because of her own past, she’s dedicated her career to work with Rosie, an emotional-needs dog, in school.

Noah is a terrific teacher and loves his students. But when Maggie’s past brings back a traumatic event in his life, he realizes he’s still greatly affected by what happened to him. His new and exciting relationship with Maggie is threatened.

The focal point of the story is a group of children who need both Noah and Maggie to navigate their classroom experiences. A bright spot for everyone concerned is Rosie, who provides comfort and calm to the students during difficult times. In a variety of ways, Rosie rescues them all, but is a darling dog enough to bring Noah and Maggie together again?

TAKING CARE OF BUSINESS by Judith Arnold, USA Today Bestselling Author

The only way Hank Patterson can get his widowed mother to go on a mature-singles cruise is by promising to dog-sit for Priscilla, her rambunctious, spoiled Yorkie-Spitz mix. Hank and Priscilla don’t get along. At. All.

Abbie Harding gets along with all dogs. She’s a professional dog walker eager to open a canine obedience school in Brogan’s Point, if only she can raise the funding. Hank is thrilled to hand responsibility for Priscilla over to Abbie while his mother is away. However, when the magic jukebox in the town’s Faulk Street Tavern plays “Taking Care of Business” and casts a spell on Abbie and Hank, they discover that mixing business and pleasure can bring not just great rewards but also emotional peril.

HER ROADSIDE RESCUES by Linda Barrett, National Bestselling Author

Some say it’s magic, some say it’s love. Does the truth really matter to the residents of a special place called Sea View House? In the coastal town of Pilgrim Cove, strangers are welcomed, and everyone else takes a front row seat as a love story unfolds.

Kathy Russo looks forward to her retreat at Sea View House–away from her interfering family–where she’ll have peace and quiet to write the second book in her mystery series. She’ll also continue to work her terrific day job on-line. With Sheba, her grandmother’s rescue dog to keep her company, it’s a perfect arrangement.

When his Boston apartment building turns condo, graphic designer, Brandon Bigelow, needs a place to stay for a while. A relationship that ended badly has him focused only on rebuilding his business. He hadn’t counted on hitting a tree to avoid a stray dog in a winter storm. He hadn’t counted on meeting a petite dynamo who insists he adopt the dog.

Neither Kathy nor Brandon had counted on a housemate at the beach. In the quest for success, will these two career-minded people make room in their hearts for a little magic? For a little love?

HEART OF A RUSSIAN BEAR DOG by M. L. Buchman, USA Today Bestselling Author

Alex Warren and his Russian bear dog Valentin arrive in Washington, DC to join the Secret Service Uniformed Division. A boss who hates him on sight rapidly becomes the least of his problems.

Tanya Larina, Assistant Foreign Minister for Ukraine, has dedicated her life to maneuvering the Russians back out of Crimea. She has come to DC to sign a treaty with the American President as the first step in a long campaign.

When Alex pulls protection detail on Tanya, it’s Valentin the bear dog who falls tail over paws in love with her on first sight. Can he convince Alex to follow his lead?

VALENTINE’S RESCUE by Barbara McMahon, USA Today Bestselling Author

Army nurse Jenny Schofield’s super power has four legs, a wet tongue and all the love she needs when PTSD hits. Luckily, with the help of her service dog, Val, she’s gradually regaining some normalcy in her old home town. Routine is her friend—giant storms are not.

When a major winter storm hits on Valentine’s Day Eve, the rock solid rescue dog she trusts with her life goes on a rescue mission of another kind—and brings back Tucker Mason, a cowboy with a past nearly as traumatic as Jenny’s. With too much snow for local road crews to handle, Tucker’s stuck at Jenny’s place for two days.

And two nights. What do a twice-burned cowboy and a nurse with nightmares too horrific to share have in common? Not a thing, except a dog who seems to know that sometimes friendship can evolve into love.

HER COWBOY VALENTINE by Debra Salonen, National Bestselling Author
What happens in the barn, stays in the barn.

Her Valentine’s Day getaway goes from bad to redonkulous—

Paige Jackson lost two years of her life to grief. Finally ready for a fresh start, she jumps at the chance to housesit for an old family friend in Prospect Creek, California. Surprise! Aunt Betty’s Refuge nurtures abandoned and neglected animals, not city girls who lost their mojo. Before Paige can do an about face, Betty’s foster son – former rodeo champion TJ Huey – delivers a pregnant and abused donkey to Paige’s care. Is it the sweet little donkey he’s calling “Miss Valentine” that persuades her to stay…or the kind and handsome cowboy?

February 14 is just another day…until his good deed turns into a golden opportunity—

TJ’s brush with fame and success nearly killed him. Rebuilding his life and keeping an eye on his old foster mom’s flea bit pet sanctuary has finally leached some of the bitterness from his soul. When he nearly pancakes a donkey on the road to Prospect Creek, he rushes the traumatized creature to the only home he’s ever known, forgetting that Betty hired an old friend’s daughter from L.A. to fill in. The newcomer’s Jag and designer threads shout, “Go back.” But Paige Jackson’s brave determination to help the little jenny jumpstarts a part of his heart that shut down a long time ago.

Welcome to Prospect Creek, where neither cowboy nor city gal is immune to the matchmaking skills of a rescue donkey named Miss Valentine.

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