February 16, 2014

I’ve discovered the fun of painting. A while back I won an oil painting class. As the winner, I got to pick the project for the class. I picked a seascape. Not exactly an “easy” first painting, but I had SO. MUCH. FUN. And it didn’t turn out too badly if I say so myself.

Since then, I’ve attempted a few other projects. Now, don’t get me wrong, I suck at it. I didn’t have art in school so when I say I draw stick people–I mean, I DRAW STICK PEOPLE. LOL But I’ve discovered it doesn’t matter what I draw so long as I have fun and enjoy the process. And you know what? I do.

Some days I don’t have time to drag out the oil paints and prep so I picked up a blank journal not long ago and I’ve been experimenting with different things like chalk, sharpies, watercolor pencils etc. Good? Not me. But again, it’s all about the FUN. Writing is a creative process and sometimes I find myself stumped over what comes next. The words just aren’t there. But if I do something else, like play in my paints, it frees my mind and allows the words and images to appear.

Do you do anything for fun? A hobby or creative process you enjoy?


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