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I’m alive

It’s been a while. It’s been a wild and crazy couple of years for me as you know if you’ve followed along. But with luck and a lot of determination, I hope things have calmed enough to get back into my groove.

In the meantime, I’ve been jotting notes and plotting ideas and now have about 5 novels loosely plotted and ready to be written, thanks to finding inspiration in the most unlikely places. Sorry I’ve been MIA. I will try to do better.

Hope you’re having a great summer!



So, yeah, I’ve been missing for a while. Let’s just say life got… interesting. 😉

In a nutshell, 2014 wasn’t a year I ever want to repeat. Over the last several years my daughter began having severe anxiety issues that came to a head in 2014, my father passed away, the list is long and fairly bleak and endless. But in it’s own way 2014 was the best year, too. Why? Because every trial and bad thing that happened brought me ever closer to God. I found myself seeking the Bible more and more, needing comfort and solace and help for everything being thrown my way. And you know what? God is good.

All. The. Time.

Is everything perfect now? Far from it. But it IS better and I’ve been able let go of my own anxiety and worry because I know God is in control. He’s answered some prayers, proven His grace and mercy again and again. And He’s reminded me of the path I’m on.

I’m not sure who said this, but it’s said that:


It’s a quote I’ve taken to heart and in May I’ll have a new release titled NOT BY SIGHT. If the storyline seems familiar it’s because I’ve rewritten Blind Man’s Bluff for the Christian romance market and it will be followed by the rest of the series, also rewritten.

After that, my romance will showcase the trials and hardships facing today’s single Christians. Romance? Dating? Marriage? I plan on tackling it all.

Here’s to a brighter, better 2015 and beyond!

God bless,


Snow, snow–Go!

I have to say it– I am SICK of snow. Here in Ohio we’ve been hit by two Polar Vortexes and it’s so cold. The last few days have warmed up (You know it’s been cold when teens and twenties seem WARM.) but not enough to melt anything. My driveway is a sheet of ice covered with snow then more ice with snow on top of that. Basically–it’s just a big frozen mess here.

The good news in that is that it’s giving me writing time and “down” time. The problem is that too often I find myself eyeing sunny pics on Pinterest while I dream of lying on a beach somewhere.

What’s the weather like in your area? Are you as sick of winter as I am?


Blog Hiatus

So, new year, new projects, new everything. That being said, I’m going to take break from here while my webgal does her magic and overhauls my site. You can still keep in touch with me on FB, Twitter, Pinterest, Authorgraph, etc. Or, just click the contact link here. I’ll be around, just not as often.

What’s up for 2014? 😀 Stay tuned! I’m gonna be a busy girl.


Laughter and friends

Ever notice how friends truly bring out the laughs? I disappeared for a couple days because I flew to Chicago to attend the Spring Fling Conference. It was great but what an adventure getting there!

Fellow Superromance author Amy Knupp emailed me last week to confirm my arrival etc. Because I wasn’t at my desk, I didn’t know much but she quickly found the copy I’d sent her and told ME what airport I was flying into, the arrival time etc.

Then on the day of my arrival? She went to the wrong airport.

Um…. OOPS!

That kicked off the weekend. But, it gets better.

In chatting with Amy for several months we were undecided on what we were going to do when I arrived (ie, stay in Chicago, drive back to her house or what). Wellllllll, one thing led to another but let’s just say hotel reservations were made. By me. The problem?

We arrived at the conference hotel to discover I’d forgotten to extend our stay to include Wednesday night–and the hotel was booked. We had no room. OOPS!

Laughing because we’d both made such air-headed mistakes, we decide to find lunch, Priceline a hotel for the night etc.

We see a restaurant name that immediately snags our attention–Thai Thai. (We were hungry and homeless–it was funny at the time!) We immediately decide to check it out because the name alone made us laugh.

Welllllll, after pulling into the strip mall we see something we just weren’t expecting.


Nearly hysterical with laughter and joking that this was our future home or at least our place of rest for the night (note the name (BTW, it’s a knitting store!) we stop to take a photo because writers just can’t pass up an opportunity like this one. Blog material anyone?

The coast was clear when we stopped but in the twenty seconds we sat in the car to snag a photo, a woman drove up behind us, beside us, and screamed out the window, “Lady, WHAT are you doing????” before she sped off.

She was obviously having a bad day. She left. We laughed. Then we saw her again–going into Thai Thai.

Deciding she wasn’t quite a serial killer, we decided to stick with our original destination but I think our laughter and happiness scared her. We walked in–she walked out. LOL In fact, she couldn’t get out of there fast enough as we came in the door. If only she knew we were two romance writers who liked happy endings. LOL

Amy was a Priceline virgin but with the Hookers Nook so close she braved the experience. We booked a hotel (a Marriott, no less), ate our Thai Thai and went on our way to the Marriott we’d passed along the way, patting ourselves on the back for a job well done.

Inside the Marriott, we walk to the desk, smiling, give our name–but we have no reservation. Because we’d, um, gone to the wrong hotel. :panhit:


LOL Yes, at this point we’re both thinking neither of us should be driving–or booking anything. It was like dominoes falling but through it all (because we had no schedule to keep, thank goodness) we laughed ourselves silly. *Everything* was funny and we were wiping away tears because only we could make the mistakes we’d made.

We eventually made it to the right hotel. We had a room. All was well. After checking in, we even braved another trip out to find a mall and shop. Did you know Godiva fixes everything? (Or that they have a Godiva of the month club and you get a FREE piece of Godiva by signing up???? (It’s free, too!) All you have to do is visit a location and walk in. No purchase necessary. (But I highly, HIGHLY recommend the dark chocolate truffles. YUMMY!)

Amy and I had so much fun we’re planning another trip 2012 (the next Spring Fling). I wonder what adventures we’ll have then?

Do you have a friend that brings out the laughs? Have you ever had a day like the one above?

Kay – coming soon look for a list of things we learned during our Chicago stay. Some of the revelations came from the events mentioned above, some didn’t. It’s a list you have to read, tho. :rofl:

Number 2

Wow. We’re down to #2 already! :xmasprs:

My #2 choice of my TWELVE FAVES OF CHRISTMAS is books! I can’t imagine a life without books. I LOVE books. Where else can you escape into other worlds without leaving your chair or the bus? The economy is down, we’ve all heard and felt the impact of it, but if you’re not purchasing your favorite books, well, they won’t be around to purchase later. Publishing is a business based on numbers and if an author doesn’t have those numbers, well, the publishing company has a tendency to cut the author loose. Buy your favorite authors, buy your kid’s favorite authors, buy your BFF’s favorite books. What better gift can you give?

The same goes for music. CDs are great gifts. :holiday:

As to my dh’s #2 gift? A mobile phone car charger. The phones always come with a home charger but if you or a loved one doesn’t have a car charger, this is the way to go. Another suggestion is for a bluetooth headset so that the person can listen to their music wirelessly. (Make sure the phone is bluetooth!)

Prices range so check around.

Tomorrow brings my # 1 fave!!! What do you think it’ll be?

Kay :bookluv:

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