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For several years I’ve been asked these questions. So, in no particular order, here are my answers.

Q. What’s the difference between Kay Stockham books and Kay Lyons Stockham’s books?

A. The difference is content. Kay Stockham books contain sexual situations and mild language and were written for mature readers.

Kay Lyons Stockham’s books are for readers ages 13-130. While the issues and situations and characters are just as real and emotionally appealing as my earlier books, Kay Lyons Stockham novels are “sweeter” and aimed more toward the general fiction market. A comparison in writing style would be Debbie Macomber or Karen Kingsbury.

Q. Where do you get your ideas?

A. Ideas are everywhere. Music, television, right outside my front door. I remember as a kid looking up at the sky and seeing an airplane, but while my family just saw an airplane, I saw a hundred or so people on their way to somewhere, each with a story to tell.

Q. I’ve always wanted to write a romance. How can I get started?

A. If a romance is in you dying to be written down, check out http://www.rwanational.org. They’ll put you in touch with local chapters and get you on your way.

Q. What’s your normal writing day?

A. Every day is different and even though I’d like to write every day, it just isn’t possible. Things happen. Life happens! My favorite writing days are those when the phone is quiet and I don’t have to go anywhere. I send my kids to school and sit down at my computer, check email while I each my lunch, and keep working until my kids get off the bus. This is my job—a really cool one!—and I treat it like one.

Q. I’ve got an idea. Can I tell it to you, you write the book and we split the profit?

A. Uh, no thanks, but I appreciate the offer.

Q. Why romance? Why not a real book?

A. First off, romance novels ARE real books. What is more complicated, more intriguing or more exciting than falling in love with someone? I love writing romance (see my bio if you don’t believe me) and can’t imagine a book without a romance in it. But I also want a happy ending. One of my biggest pet peeves is to hear someone talk about how wonderful a story or movie is, how romantic, only to discover the hero or heroine dies at the end. That’s not a romance, that’s a tragedy. In this world of war and sickness and sadness, I write about love, hope, faith and more. How great is that?

Q. Do you speak to schools/organizations?

A. It depends on my schedule and my mood. I love to talk about writing and can do it all day. The best way to know is just to ask. 🙂 If you catch me on a good day, I’ll say yes. LOL

Q. Why do you write?

A. I get this one a lot. Why? Because I have to. I started writing stories at a very, very early age. I’m one of those people who always knew I wanted to be a writer, always had a story in my head. I feel it’s what I’ve been called to do. When I can’t write anymore? Just take me out and put me out of my misery. (You won’t want to be around me anyway, I get grumpy when I can’t write!)

Q. Am I the character you wrote about in your book titled ????

A. (LOL) No. Sorry for bustin’ your ego, but my stories are fiction. ALL fiction. Any similarity in a character is purely coincidental.

Q. I’m an aspiring author. Will you read my story and tell me what you think?

A. No, but thank you for asking. Between my writing, reading my critique partners’ pages, promoting, my family responsibilities etc, there just isn’t enough time in the day. My suggestion? Find one or two others who are interested in writing and team up. I found/have two of the world’s best critique partners this way. We’ve been together for nearly nine years now. Just make sure it’s the right mix of people. There is nothing worse than a BAD critique partner. Join up, set up some ground rules and have a test trial. If it works, fantastic. If it doesn’t, move on until you find the right people. It’s business, not personal.

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